IMF Creator is a complete tool set for IMF packaging, validating, QC, and making deliverable from IMP. The main functions are:

  • Wrap any file type (DPX, TIFF, openEXR, J2C, MXF, ProRes) into IMP
  • Supports MCA audio channel label, sound field, spoken language...
  • Convert caption and subtitle to SMPTE TT (ST2052-1), IMSC1, and wrap into MXF track

  • Play back IMF video, audio, and Timed Text
  • Check package integrity and validate IMP according to SMPTE standards 
  • Report discrepancy, repair and update IMP automatically

  • Create distribution format from IMP
  • Insert localized video, replace textless, add burn-in text, select audio channel
  • Make new delivery automatically via API